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Terms and Conditions

These T&C as short form of terms & conditions” or “terms of use” is to clarify your use and access of our services. Authorized users are bound by the Users Terms of Services, please read this document carefully before accessing or using our services.

Account Registration

To create an account, you must register to our services using your phone number. For that, you agree to receive text message from us and our third-party providers with verification codes for you to register to our services.

If you sign in using your other social media account which is corporate with us, means you are agree and allowed us to access your personal information on those other social media which you used for signing in to our services.

About our services

We provide mobile messenger and social media application which is easy to use for you to communicate in your daily and business life by free call, messaging, video call, and send & receive data/files/voice note to and from your contact lists, also other features available in IDOGO applications.
To use our services, you have to accept and agree to follow our terms of services as below:

~ You are not allowed to use our services to spam, scam or hack, promoting any violent, intimidate, threatening, harassing, abuse, share or posting pornography content, and any other illegal issues.

~ Acceptable use of our services
You agree to use our services only for legal, authorized, and acceptable purposes, according to law and regulations applied in each country and internationally. You will not use our services in ways that infringe the rights of IDOGO, our users, including privacy, publicity, intellectual property, and other proprietary rights.

~ If you are using our services, means you are agree to share your data and information with us. We have fully rights to access your data which you agreed to share with us, when you signed in to our application.

~ Users agree to accept some contents from us or our third party while using our services, and agree not to harm or hack and cheat our applications services.

~ Third party services
Our services may allow you to access, use, and interact with third party websites, apps, content, and other products & services. When you use third party services, their terms & privacy policies govern your use of those services.
We have the right to use all data needed for our corporation with third parties, excepts data which related to financial or banking.

~ Government Law & Regulations
IDOGO are governed by applicable law and regulations. By then, all terms of VIP membership will be adjusted according to the applicable law and regulations.

~ You are not allowed to cheat or hack or claim property, brand, right, logo, content of our services.

~ For those promotion ads and links, we are not and we will not responsible for any secure of your data and information which you have shared with them. We are not responsible if you receive any harms or lost by going through these ads and links.

~ We are not responsible for any data lost or damage of your own personal

~ We are not responsible for any data lost or damage by our system, force major, or shared by any irresponsible party.

~ There will be new updates for these terms of services regulations and we reserve the rights to update our terms of services at anytime

~ We have fully right to banned, suspend, delete, and terminate your account if there is any of terms mentioned above break by user, either you are doing it on purpose or not purpose to.

~ If we disabled your account for violent of our terms, you will not create another account without our permission.

~ Fees and taxes
You are fully responsible for mobile data carrier fees and taxes based on tax regulations applied in your country and internationally, and will be associated with the devices on which you use our services.

These Terms of Services can change anytime without any notice and our terms are eligible and may not be compromised. Please also read our Privacy Policy on .

By signing up for IDOGO, you accepted our Terms of Services as we mentioned above. But if you’re not agreed with our terms, sadly you can’t use our services.